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Kickstart to Career Newaygo County

Kickstart to Career Newaygo County is a children's savings account program designed to build aspirations, encourage savings, increase financial education, and assist with career training or college expenses.

A savings account is opened in the name of Newaygo County students enrolled in kindergarten fall 2018 through 2027. Fremont Area Community Foundation manages the program and makes an initial deposit of $50 into each account. Students can earn an additional $50 through incentives each following year through 12th grade and friends and family can make deposits any time. Funds can be used for qualifying career preparation expenses after high school graduation.

Kickstart to Career is a joint program of Fremont Area Community Foundation and ChoiceOne Bank.

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Savings Account Impact

Studies show that children with even a small savings account are more likely to have:​

  • Improved financial literacy

  • Higher expectations of their future

  • Healthier credit as adults

  • Higher levels of savings as adults


Children with savings accounts are also more likely to:

  • Have increased parental support for their academic efforts

  • Attend and complete career training or college

Hello, my name is Penny the Piggy Bank and I'm the Kickstart to Career Newaygo County mascot! Learn more about me here.

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